• Plenary Speaker
International Conference on Sustainable Design,
Engineering, Management and Sciences
16th - 17th October 2019 - Swiss Garden Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Plenary Speaker

Professor Dato’ Dr. Sabarudin bin Mohd began his career in the field of Civil Engineering in the late seventies. He spent a few years thereafter pursuing his higher academic qualifications abroad and graduated with a Postgraduate Doctorate specialising in Structural Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom in 1990. Prof Sabarudin then commenced his career in academia and at present, he holds more than 20 years of teaching and supervision experience for both undergraduate and post-graduate level in the areas of structural engineering, concrete technology and structural maintenance and rehabilitation. He was appointed as external examiner and as a consultant on the advisory panel for various universities in the country and has held several prominent positions throughout his career as Dean, Professors and Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Prof Dato Dr. Sabarudin’s honorary titles were conferred to him throughout his years of service and his contribution to the field of Civil Engineering, both in the Academics and non-academics arena. Amongst them are: attached with were Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), and University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS), all of which were under the faculty/school of Engineering. He holds a prominent name in the world of research and publication with at least sixteen research projects in Structural Engineering and Concrete Technology and has published more than sixty research papers in various journals; international and local, and several were presented in international conferences. Apart from the world of academia, Prof Sabarudin managed more than 20 consultancy projects as Project Leader with a total consultancy fee exceeding RM 3 million. His involvement in the industry also extends into his role in the technical committee for various professional organisations.



Wooi Lok Kuang is practicing architect in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the principal of Wooi Architect which he established at the end of 1996. He was born in the northern regions of Malaysia where he spent his childhood among traditional Malay villages. The authentic and sustainable way of life in the villages has influenced his outlook in architecture. He spent 10years in Sydney, Australia and obtained a Bachelor of Architecture in 1989 and subsequently a Master of Architecture in 1990 from the University of New South Wales. He is regularly involved in local universities as a guest speaker, reviewer/critique and external assessor. He was appointed as Adjunct Professor at University Putra Malaysia from 2008 to 2015. He enjoys the practice of architecture which he sees as a perpetual pendulum that swings between thinking and doing.
His works were recognised by Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) and Architects Regional Council, Asia (ARCASIA) for architectural excellence and also published locally and internationally.


Tri Mumpuni is an agriculture engineer who has been campaigning for decades to replace diesel power plants with micro hydro plants to develop economic growth in rural Indonesia. She has worked on renewable energy production with key stakeholders including the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Indonesian State Electricity Company (PLN). Her organization, People Centered Business and Economic Initiative (IBEKA), has successfully installed more than 70 micro hydro projects as well as solar photovoltaic technology for water pumping system across Indonesia and abroad. She pioneered the Community Private Partnership Model to build small power plants in which the community owns 50% share and the private sector 50%. She received more than dozen awards that associated to the energy and natural resources management as well as the economic development which involve society to participate.
Her dream is to build the people empowerment so everyone can contribute to their nation with everything related to environmental conservation.